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Champion Puppy Training Podcast

Want a well mannerly, socialized and responsive dog?   I'll teach you how to turn your problematic puppy into a Champion!

Aug 27, 2019

-Never, never, never pull your dog.

-Sit-Stay at the end of coming when called.  Checking in versus a definitive period on the end of the sentence.

-Pulsating on the leash to get past the forks in the distraction road.

-Pulling doesn’t shut down your dog’s drive it ramps it up in a counterintuitive way.  It’s like...

Aug 20, 2019

Make sure to check out FB or YouTube see the corresponding video. (crappy iphone video, but I referred to Joe in the podcast…)

In this episode I share my insight into many areas of puppy training and some life things. The primary topic...