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Champion Puppy Training Podcast

Want a well mannerly, socialized and responsive dog?   I'll teach you how to turn your problematic puppy into a Champion!

May 5, 2021


Champion Puppy Training





Dog cots aren't just for sleeping.  In this episode Pat talks about how to get your puppy used to raised dog cots and then use them in your puppy training. 

Raised dog cots help create a barrier so you and your puppy can work on the sit/stay command (3:10)

When starting the train on the raised dog cot, you should start by placing the dog cot in a corner of your home (4:30)

Food motivation is key in helping your puppy become acclimated with the dog cot (5:25)

We will condition your puppy to be used to the dog cot by leading the dog to the bed, having your puppy get on the dog cot and then taking your puppy off (9:10)

We want your puppy to be comfortable with the dog cot versus staying on the dog bed at first (9:50)

Once your puppy is comfortable with the dog cot, then you can start to use the cot as a training tool.  Here's how (13:36)